Tuesday, May 26, 2009


SO!! Why isn't Barry Allen a Jewish, red headed, freckled faced, nonchalant, nerdy scientist? Hmmm...because I didn't make him that way until now,lol! Just seemed like the rite thing to do is all. Flash though is a sleek, sarcastic witty, fast talking mofo. One that can actually back up his talk with actions. He also seems like the type of guy to be totally conscious about his outside appearance in terms of his superhero attire. So instead of the full body, orangy-red and yellow tights, he altered it into something that looked just a tad more wearable. Also this way he doesn't look like some silly looking fast man trying to pick up the chicks....:)! But these are my own weird thoughts on the feller, whats yours?

tools: Ps7, mousydoodaa

Yep! eGo Series is back and more is A comin!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strange Bat Fellows

So a while back my great buddy ol pal Bob Strang aka VonToten drew up an awesome piece of a band of Gothams Badguys that I totally dug. So afterwards I told him that I had to compliment it..... But with the opposite half of life. Finally I got to it...hehe

tools> Ps7, mouse

MoreSo Random!

Yet another flurry of heroes coming at yoh ass! There are so many damn characters I haven't drawn so I had to do it.

tools> 2bpencil, Ps7. optical mouselation