Monday, March 9, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

This is part of a Larger piece that I did exclusively for My new artbook.


Part of alot of crap that have laying around me apartment. One of these faces ( lil blade face) is in the new artbook I'm in called Introducing.

Mr. Incredible

Who doesn't the Incredibles I mean really!! This was originally an art jam sketch that I did and then later decided on coloring up fun and experimentation.

Spidey, Venom

This is part of a larger piece of these two comic dudes


a piece some experimentation in PS to try and get a watercolor look

Friday, March 6, 2009

D1. Slimer and Egon

I was an extreme ghostbuster fan back in the day. Just a little dabble of two of the fellers from the show...sall. I'm going to try and have a drawing everyday for this here blog to make up for the time I didn't put crap up.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Totally forgot to mention this but hey.. that's what I do. I'm in this issue of Imagine Fx. Even though this was the second time being in the mag I was still pretty damn excited when one of the editors there ask me if I wanted to be in it to talk bout my "Ego series"stuff. So Lovely when people actually dig my crazy shit! Anyways if ya don't have this one yet go pick it up. It's in Issue 40 of Imagine Fx

OH! I'm in a damn issue with Adam sweet! lol!


If you have not picked this artbook up yet all I have to say is what the hell are you waiting for! I can honestly say that this is one best things I've ever been apart of. It contains the work of my pals Jeff Cruz, Bob Strang, Chris Copeland, Alina Urosov and yours truly. Books called Introducing...heres the site to grap that pup>